Adrian Khalif and Juicy Luicy Said “Sialan” to Those They Want to Forget

Adrian Khalif and Juicy Luicy teamed up in the new song “Sialan”. At the beginning of 2023, it is usually the moment we start a new chapter in life. Starting from a new workplace, a new hobby, a new friendship, or maybe it’s a moment to find a new love to forget the old one. But sadly, the world quite often jokes about it while still giving us the moment to meet someone we’d like to forget.

The memory of 2022 certainly still makes an impression on Adrian Khalif and Juicy Luicy, because they successfully held an intimate concert entitled “Kembali Keramaian” in Bandung and Jakarta. It was that moment that finally made Adrian Khalif and Juicy Luicy start 2023 by releasing the song “Sialan”. The song “Sialan” itself elevates the inner feelings felt when we accidentally meet someone we want to forget. We often feel the moment of meeting an ex- boyfriend or ex-crush, whether we met while visiting a concert or music festival, at the mall, or even at our favorite coffee shop and the one we want to forget.

The song “Sialan”, is the second song composed by Adrian Khalif and Juicy Luicy. Previously, they released the song “Kembali Keramaian”, which also eventually became the title of their intimate concert in 2022. “Sialan” is already out on the radio, digital streaming services, and Youtube.


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