Alvin Jo Asks Forgiveness from God in “Pendosa”

Alvin Jo, X Factor Indonesia 2022’s winner, greeted Indonesian music lovers through his 2nd single titled “Pendosa”. After successfully launching his first single titled “Iman Tak Sama” which carries the love of different religions, Alvin Jo wrote his 2nd single inspired by his personal experience.

“Pendosa” tells a story about someone who comes to God for forgiveness and leans his life to God. In his 2nd single, Alvin Jo describes his personal relationship with God. 

“Through this song, I, who have been at my lowest point in sin, want to ask God to always teach me about the life I live”, said Alvin Jo in his new single.

“Through this song, I tell (listeners) as if this song is my prayer to God and I hope this song can be accepted and heard by many music lovers”, added Alvin Jo.

Under Hits Records, “Pendosa” is already out on all music platforms, while the music video can be watched on Hits Records Youtube Channel. Happy listening and enjoy!


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