Ayana Shahab Attracts J-Pop Fans through Her Debut Single “Nemuri Hime”

Ayana Shahab, a former 1st generation of JKT48’s idol group member, launched her debut single titled “Nemuri Hime”. Under the RENZ Records, Ayana Shahab needed 2 years to finally release “Nemuri Hime” which is made in Japanese format.

Ayana Shahab actually planned to release it in Japanese because she targeted J-Pop listeners from Indonesia and other parts of the world. This decision was made since Ayana is a Japanese descent who is fluent in Japanese and her belief that J-Pop music has many fans in the world.

“Nemuri Hime”, written by Ayana Shahab, tells the story of a woman who suffers from Kleine-Levin syndrome and wants to spend her time with her beloved ones since she doesn’t know when she will wake up and meet them if she falls asleep. This concept is inspired by Ayana herself who has a bad habit where her mood will be bad all day if she lacks sleep.

Vit Alian as the producer wanted to arrange a very sentimental instrument at first, but there were many changes to the musical arrangements after the lyrics were finally made. So, the final musical instrument was taken from the heartbeat that people can hear while they are sleeping using earplugs and unconsciously present memories to the mind. 

When Ayana was asked about her feelings after entering the music industry again, she replied, “I’m happy and nervous because I was usually in a group. Now, I have to be alone. I also feel worried, but with the release of my song, I hope that I can make my fans even closer to me.”

“Nemuri Hime” can already be listened to on various digital music platforms. Hopefully, “Nemuri Hime” can cure the longing of Ayana’s fans and can enliven the Indonesian music industry with a touch of J-Pop.


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