April 6 Is National Fishermen’s Day, Here is the History

National Fishermen’s Day is always celebrated every April 6, as well as this year’s day. According to the Indonesia Baik Kominfo website, National Fishermen’s Day was established in 1960 during the Old Order government. The aim is to recognize the contributions of fishermen to meeting the needs of the Indonesian people.

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According to the Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP) Prov. East Kalimantan website, fishermen frequently stop and stay on the outer islands when sailing for fish. They protect Indonesia’s outermost coastline while also providing information on illegal fishing in Indonesian waters. Indonesian fishermen are state assets that contribute to the national economy.

National Fisherman’s Day serves several functions. According to the Indonesia Baik website, the purpose of National Fishermen Day is as follows:

Purposes of National Fishermen Day

  • Recognition of Indonesian fishermen’s efforts to meet the protein and nutritional needs of all Indonesians 
  • A sense of gratitude
  • Promotion of fishermen’s welfare

In Indonesia, National Fishermen’s Day is marked by traditions that are repeated year after year. Among these customs are:

Traditions done during National Fishermen’s Day:

  • Ceremonial gathering with traditional dances
  • Offerings to the sea in the form of fish seeds, fingerlings (shrimp seeds), and hatchlings are released (turtle chicks)

Source: detiknews.com

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