Arash Buana Releases New Single “I really do love her <3"

Bingkai KaryaArash Buana, a singer-songwriter, has released a new single titled “I really do love her <3”. This single showcases his growth in songwriting and music production. The release of this new single makes him feel like he’s back in 2020 when he felt fearless in expressing himself.

In his transition to his 20s, Arash believes that his musical journey has just begun with the release of this new song. He tries to evolve without leaving behind his signature style of writing English song lyrics that are easy to understand.

After being comfortable working alone throughout his career, Arash finally took the opportunity to open up. In this new song, he collaborated with Farrel Cahyono, a bassist who often accompanies him on stage, to arrange and produce the song together.

The song “I really do love her <3” was created in the fastest time Arash has ever worked on a song. It is said that the moment of being in love triggered his emotional side and inspired his creativity while working on the song.

The song “I really do love her <3” is over 4 minutes long and tells the story of someone’s insecurity about the person they like.

“If you want to look deeper, the guy doesn’t really have that much confidence towards himself—he’s like a—he has his problem with seeing himself as worthy. But, just by feeling accepted by this particular person it means a lot to this insecure guy,” said Arash about the story of his song.

The multi-instrumentalist also sees the release of this song as the opening to his new album, following his debut full-length album logic mess which was released in 2022. Arash said that the album he is currently working on has a theme that covers quite a lot of things.

“There’s a love era, a heartbreak era, an anxiety era, and the last one is an acceptance era. Each era has its own song that tells stories from different POVs,” he explained.

Speaking of his musical career, Arash is no stranger to it as he started at the age of 10. Now, with millions of streams to his name, Arash is even more aware of his standards as a musician and feels the need to improvise more.

“I want to try to be brave, to give my opinion, to have discussions, and to collaborate with a team that I’ve always run away from. Second, to make a strong statement on the new album, be it through lyrics or message including the arrangement. The rest, Bismillah,” Arash concluded.


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