Singaporean Singer Alicia DC Embraces New Sounds in Collaboration with Ceratone

Bingkai Karya – Singaporean singer-songwriter Alicia DC takes a bold step into uncharted territory with her latest single, “Bridges,” released today in collaboration with electronic musician Ceratone. Known for her jazzy grooves and R&B influences, Alicia isn’t afraid to experiment, as evidenced by her pop-oriented EP “Lovergirl” and the acoustic explorations of “bodyclock.”

“Bridges” marks a significant departure, venturing into the realm of electronic music with the help of mentor and friend Ceratone. The song serves as a powerful anthem about severing ties with the past and embracing new beginnings.

“To the present me, ‘Bridges’ really resonates with my life right now, especially in the beauty of moving on to the next stage of life,” says Alicia. “This piece is a reminder to myself that there is so much more to explore as both a singer and a songwriter. While I have never written a song like that, writing ‘Bridges’ was when I felt the most in my element.”

The song reflects on personal growth and the courage to shed old skin. Looking back, Alicia expresses pride in her past self for taking the leap and staying true to her authentic voice.

Alicia’s musical journey began in 2022 with the release of her debut EP “Maybe,” an alternative jazz collection born from the *SCAPE Music ALT. Residency program. Mentored by established industry figures, she honed her craft and released her first EP, showcasing her raw talent. This February, she followed up with the pop-infused “Lovergirl.”

A rising star in the Singaporean music scene, Alicia has graced prominent stages like the Esplanade and the Singapore Art Museum, captivating audiences with her captivating performances. She has also shared the stage with renowned artists like Korean American R&B singer Hojean and participated in various local festivals.

In December 2023, Alicia collaborated with Taiwanese R&B singer June Pan on the playful “You Up?,” further solidifying her collaborative spirit.

CERATONE, known for his experimental electronic sounds, brings his unique artistry to the table. Inspired by artists like Arca and SOPHIE, he crafts soundscapes that are both innovative and captivating.

“Bridges” marks a thrilling new chapter for Alicia DC, showcasing her versatility and her willingness to push boundaries. With CERATONE by her side, she embarks on a sonic adventure that promises to enthrall listeners and redefine her musical identity.


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