BumiBaik Soft Launching in Celebrating Zero Emission Day

BumiBaik launched its application to facilitate everyone’s concern to be responsible for the carbon emissions in the Zero Emission Day which took place in EJSC Bakorwil Malang on September 21, 2022. This launch was held to invite people to calculate and take action in reducing Carbon Emissions.

Zero Emissions Day focuses on protecting our environment from the danger of carbon emissions. The goal of Zero Emission Day is to engage people towards more climate-friendly choices in their everyday life. 

In this event, Mrs. Kurniatun Hairiah, an academician from Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University, discussed issues and topics related to carbon emissions, their impacts and how to overcome it.The speaker from Cempaka Foundation also shared the experience of forest conservation programs on the slopes of Mount Arjuna and the challenge which invited more people to be involved together.

Soft launching BumiBaik as a digital platform will help everyone to calculate carbon emissions and plant trees voluntarily, absorbing the resulting carbon emissions.Therefore, everyone will achieve a balanced situation between the carbon produced and carbon absorbed by trees (Carbon Neutral). BumiBaik provided information and education on the impact of carbon emissions on the environment due to the issue of climate change.

Education starts from measuring each person’s carbon emissions, hereby will realize the responsibility to reduce or eliminate the resulting carbon emissions. After knowing the produced carbon emissions, everyone will be facilitated by BumiBaik to take action in reducing carbon emissions through planting trees or maintaining trees as carbon emission absorbers.

With this step, they hope that everyone will reach a point of carbon neutrality (decarbonization) of the resulting emissions. Any carbon reduction action through planting or adopting trees can be seen and monitored directly on the BumiBaik application.

In carrying out tree planting & adoption actions, BumiBaik collaborated with local partners who have experienced conservation efforts to preserve trees and forests as an act to protect the environment. BumiBaik gave appreciation to partners in the form of incentive funds for plant, care, maintenance, and tree growth reports. With this way, attempts in conserving trees and forests will always keep going with the support of Users through BumiBaik.


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