SIX60 Release  New Single ‘Never Been Tonight’ and New Album ‘Castle st’ On October 7th

SIX60 announced ‘Never Been Taught’ this summer, following the release of ‘Before You Leave’ that became a hit in Newzealand reaching #2 in All Airplay and #3 on Peak Newzealand Spotify.  

“‘Never Been Tonight’ is a song that we love to record and released from ‘Castle St’ album,” said Matiu Walters, the vocal leader.

Having time together in the same room after a tight lockdown enjoys the moment of being together. Moreover, SIX60 is back to make a new album live in the studio together, showing the instruments and vocals – back to the days when they were the campus’ band.    

The new album will be released on 7th October 2022. ‘Castle St’ consists of 10 songs including ‘Before You Leave’  and ‘Never Been Tonight’. Zolpidem   

“We are really excited to share new music, release singles, and prepare everyone for the new album. It is not the type of song that you can create in your own bedroom. Not only instruments that you will hear in our next music but also all the vocal and backing vocals as a whole. It really makes you feel the excitement of SIX60. ( An album that is real, needs a lot of love and trust from the personnel involved, and adding fans into that circle is a really exciting next chapter.”

SIX60, the most commercially successful and award-winning band in New Zealand history, gained international attention last year when they performed a sold-out tour of their native land when the rest of the world was isolated. Images and videos of their joyful, celebratory performances in New Zealand caught everyone’s attention, highlighting how much the world missed live music performances.


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