Cambodia Reopened Siem Reap, Tripled Its Arrivals

The gateway to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, was reopened, marking the opening of Siem Reap as one of tourism destination cities in Cambodia.

Under a development plan created in the first year of the pandemic, Cambodia wanted to increase the number of international tourist visits over the next 15 years and use tourism earnings to boost rural development.

In March, a renovation was done to give Siem Reap a new face. Siem Reap now has wider and more roads and highways, expanded broadband access, and bicycle lanes along the river.

The president of the Cambodian chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, Thourn Sinan, believed that with this new face, many foreign visitors came and stayed there. He added that Cambodia would be a ‘quality tourism’ destination with the target of 7.5 million international visitors and 10.9 local visitors per year by 2035. 

Previously in 2019, Siem Reap welcomed 2 million foreign tourists and got lower in 2020, with 400,000 foreign tourists. Cambodia’s Tourism Ministry increased its expectation for international arrivals this year to 1 million from 700,000 earlier this month.


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