Cate Expresses Freedom of Feelings Through “Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back”

Cate released an album entitled “Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back”. In one album “Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back” contains 8 songs including “Stupid”, “Hurt It All”, “Groupie”, “Maybe”, “Ruin”, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, “The Ruler”, and “I Won’t Say”.

It all started when 2 years ago, Cate decided to move to London from Abbotsford, Canada. In London, Cate feels all the feelings that she puts into this EP to the fullest, namely dizzying love, as well as heartbreak in it. She began to incorporate elements of the romantic experience she felt into his music. 

“Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back” is a project that Cate and her friends are working on together. Emily, Cate’s friend, created the artwork for this EP, Hatti helped shoot the photo material for the EP, Dom was involved in making the music video, while Adams, Mouzourakis, and Duncrot helped Cate write the songs. ( Joe Rubel who had worked with Maisie Peters became the producer for this EP.


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