Aviwkila Shares Various Feelings in “Hey Kamu” Album

Aviwkila released an album titled “Hey Kamu” on October 4, 2022. This is the first mini album for husband and wife duo Thana Ajeng Purishita and Uki Diqie Sulaiman to be released under the record label Universal Music Indonesia.

This album contains 6 songs with 3 previously released as singles, namely ‘Hei Kamu’, ‘Yang’, and ‘Yang (Indonesian). Meanwhile, the 3 new songs are, ‘Beda Agama’, ‘Apa Kabar Kamu’, and finally, ‘Aku Sungguh Mencintaimu’ which is the mainstay of this album.

This album is like a kind of story of the many feelings that are present or presented in every single on this album. A compilation or series of feelings, from longing, sad, happy, to deep gratitude for a situation.

One of the singles that became the main highlight in this album was the single “Aku Sungguh Mencintaimu”. This song told about the magnitude of Uki’s love for Ajeng who have been together for more than 16 years living the ark of the household with a feeling of love as the basis.


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