We Can Be Winners: SUN Share a Story About Self-Confidence in ‘SHINE’

We Can Be Winners: SUN is a girl band consisting of 5 personnel; Atha, Jie En, Nabila, Soo Jin, and Tasya.  We Can Be Winners: SUN released its first single titled ‘SHINE’. This song delivers a message to the listeners, especially the young people to be confident and be themselves without being trapped in a trend.

The composition and arrangement of the song are quite bold to hit the music market in Indonesia considering that there are no similar songs that have been previously released by other industry players.

“There are many inputs that ask us to make K-Pop, J-Pop, and Indonesian-oriented songs. We gather these inputs, therefore, we can create this controversial song to make the WOW effect,” stated Rahma Agustina, the CO-Founder We Can Be Winners: SUN

Not only that, the unique concept attracted the Khong Guan Group’s attention to make We Can Be Winners: SUN as Key Opinion Leader which is one of the products from Jacobis Factory: Genji Pie.

The same passion for the younger generation of Indonesia made these two brands united to achieve the same vision and mission. This positive vision and mission will begin to be disseminated immediately after launching on October 26, 2022, through the released music video on Youtube and other digital channels in the Indonesian music industry.


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