Charlie Burg Announced Debut LP “Infinite Tall” and New Single “Chicago (Take It or Leave It)”

Brooklyn-based singer songwriter, Charlie Burg, announced his latest LP or debut Album entitled “Infinite Tall” and together with that, Burg also released a new single, “Chicago (Take It or Leave It)” that was out on all digital music platforms.

“Infinite Tall” consisted of 15 tracks that were narrated in 3 chapters which each were related to Burg’s particular places. 

The album was produced by Mike Malchinoff (Bo Burnham, Niall Horan, Kids See Ghosts, King Princess). Burg aimed to create an album that pictured his personal life and the places that had shaped him during his life until now.

“Chicago (Take It or Leave It) resembles running into an old friend or a past love. A mellow electric guitar and lovely, soulful vocals carry it into a sweet timelessness.

“The album is a reflection on spaces – namely houses – and the ways that we are shaped by our physical surroundings. “Infinitely Tall” is a phrase from the final track of the album which was born out of a jam session with my friend Rebecca in my hometown years ago. As I reflected on the concept of the album that phrase accurately encapsulated the feeling I had when thinking about home. We might change. Home might change. But some things never die.” said Charlie Burg. 

A music video shot in pizzeria was also out together with the new song. It was directed by Jabari Canada and edited by Wesley Sanches. Burg carefully makes everything, from the pizza box to each pie ingredient, as a lonely pizza parlor employee. As the film comes to an end, he personally delivers the box to an unidentified person’s door and reveals the actual record that is inside.

With the upcoming album and a new song, Charlie Burg establishes himself as one of the generation’s most promising young songwriters.


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