Cozy Living Cozy Studying in Evo House, Your Best Option to Stay in Singapore

Studying in Singapore is a great choice to improve and explore the subjects that you want to. However, it must be difficult to choose a proper and cozy student housing to stay there. It’s not a big deal anymore because Evo House can be the best option for your worries. Evo House offers you various services and accommodations that truly help students living in Singapore.

Evo House, which was established in 2007, has 15 years of expertise handling student accommodation as specialists. Because of this, this company’s stability is also proven.

It has a good reputation with all the schools and institutions in Singapore, and some of them even suggest students to stay in Evo House because they like its services and they offer financial assistance in exchange for it.

First and foremost, Evo House provides a one-stop shop for students because Evo House is  a group of companies that can help students with their needs and wants, relieving them of their concerns about staying in Singapore. Evo House is a top provider of student housing in Singapore, and its concept uses condominium-style housing.

With the tagline “Where Your Heart is”, Evo House gives various services and accommodation to students. From the facilities, it accommodates 24 hours security guard house, gym, swimming pool, BBQ pits, and basketball court/tennis court (depending on which area accommodations). Those facilities are free to use for students staying in Evo House.

Besides that, Evo House has customer service used to handle student issues, give cleaning arrangements once a week to maintain the students’ lifestyle and the environment of their housing, and be 24-hour emergency standby. Evo House also offers free health insurances which include hospitalizations and outpatients up to 15K SGD.

Students only have to bring 2 items which are their student pass and the E-membership card of the insurance to the appointed clinic. From those insurances, students can go to the clinic near their location or accommodation and it is free of charge (for consultation and medicine). They can use tele-medicine as well as consultation with doctors online and medicine delivery is within 3 hours time.

To expose students to new ideas and expand their horizons, Activities from Evo House and other school events are provided every 3 months for students like Social Networking, Leadership, and Cultural experiences from 21 countries. Evo House also provides scholarships up to 30% and Pathway to work in Singapore. 1-3 students, who are nominated usand meet the criteria, receive this opportunity every year.

Evo House has a variety of places for its accommodation in Singapore. Depending on whatever school or universities students select there, Evo House will suggest accommodation close to the institution. Furthermore, the comfort feeling and social networking between students are other benefits of the services and activities that Evo House offers to students residing there, giving parents peace of mind that their children may study in Singapore and stay with Evo House.


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