OPPO Indonesia Improved 4 Facilities in OPPO Official Service Center

OPPO has provided an official repair service named OPPO Service Center Indonesia along with selling its devices in Indonesia. With this service center, OPPO smartphone users can get service repairs that will be handled directly by an OPPO technician who is experienced and certified.

Through responsive staff services, OPPO users will feel more comfortable and sure the phone repair is done quickly. On the contrary, OPPO users need to avoid unauthorized service providers as they may be equipped with poor equipment or third party spare parts which may not be designed properly, which can cause security problems on the OPPO smartphone.

OPPO Customer Service Centers around the world were also continuing to improve by following the same standard operating procedure (SOP) and was upgraded to OPPO Service Center 3.0. A number of changes were made from the design of the outside appearance, the layout, to the waiting room that was made comfortable. Here are 4new facilities OPPO users can feel or see to make sure the OPPO Service Center around them is an official service.

  1. Visual Enhancement

With clear and attractive images, a bright and spacious internal environment, OPPO Service Center tries to provide a better experience towards customers.

  1. Transparent Repair

OPPO professional technicians will repair customer’s phones in open spaces which can be seen immediately. If there are spare parts components that need to be replaced, it will be informed at the beginning of the repair for prior approval. Spare parts prices are also available which can be checked online.

  1. Extensive Design Improvements

OPPO Service Center was made more spacious by providing room for improvement and consulting for customers. There’s still an available area to display OPPO’s latest devices. The new structure not only brought more lots of space but also provided a better guide to doing what customers need.

  1. More Comfortable Waiting Room

Customers can enjoy new products or enjoy TV shows while relaxing on the couch and waiting for their device to be repaired. In the waiting area of ​​the Service Center, OPPO customers were also provided with a drink machine, so they can get hot or cold drinks for free. Waiting for OPPO smartphone service is now no longer boring.

Then, how to find and identify the closest OPPO Service Center to your location? There are three ways you can do:

  1. Search in OPPO Website

Search and find the nearest OPPO Service Center by selecting your city of domicile in OPPO official website and then click OPPO Indonesia > Dukungan > Service Center on https://support.oppo.com/id/service-center 

  1. Service Report

Service report or service with OPPO official seal is usually provided after you repair your device. This service report paper verifies that your device has been repaired at the official OPPO Service Center together with the address of the Customer Service Center which can be searched on the OPPO official website.

  1. Visual Elements

OPPO Customer Service Center uses only brand colors and logos standardized by OPPO. Staff at OPPO Service Center always wear the universal uniform with the OPPO logo. When you are abroad, OPPO Service Center can also be accessed in India, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, China, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Jordan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


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