Teddy Adhitya Release ‘Stay The Same’ as an Opening For His Mini Album “Ocean”

Teddy Adithya released a new song titled ‘Stay The Same’. “Stay The Same” will be the opening song for the mini album “Ocean”. Teddy Aditya made “Stay The Same” dedicated to his fans and listeners who have been loyal to him since his first career and as a greeting to new fans. Teddy expects this song could have meaning for the listeners’ whether it is personal or in general.  

Teddy Adithya is a storyteller, singer, songwriter, and music producer. This year Teddy is back to release new songs this year after he released three singles last year: “Langit Favoritku”, “Semestinya.”, and “Masa Depan”.    

A little story about Teddy, he released his first single as a soloist in 2016 “In Your Wonderland”, then released two albums “Nothing is Real” in 2017, and “Question Mark” in 2019. 


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