Don’t Self-diagnose! Here Are Tips to Check Your Health on The Internet

Have you ever checked your health on the internet? 

As the technology develops, any information is provided on the internet, including symptoms.  Just search the symptoms and the internet will show us the information about the disease. Checking on the internet aside from going to the doctor has become a habit nowadays. Unfortunately, it always leads us to self-diagnosing. 

The problem is, not all information regarding the diseases and symptoms are correct. The habit of finding health information on the internet and then diagnosing themselves based on the online information is usually called cyberchondria. Though, self-diagnosing can make us anxious. Terrifying, right? Then , how to use the online information effectively?

  1. Find some official health organization web pages

By relying on official pages of health organizations, we can get more trustworthy information. They always provide scientific proof and any information provided is from trustful sources. 

  1. Stop searching when you are feeling anxious

If looking for information makes you stressed and anxious, stop the search and seek professionals’ help.

  1. Cross check with your doctor

Save the findings and discuss it with your doctor to get the answer of your medical condition. 


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