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East Java Exports of USD 1.34 Billion in April 2023

The value of exports from East Java Province in April 2023 is around 1.34 billion US dollars, representing a drop of 27.97% from March 2023’s value. Since April 2022, this value has experienced a decrease of 38.82%. 

In the Official Statistical News of East Java Province on Monday (15/5/2023), Associate Statistical Functional of the Central Bureau of Statistics of East Java Province (BPS Jatim) Umar Sjaifudin reported that non-oil and gas exports in April 2023 totaled 1.31 billion US dollars.

According to Umar, “This value has decreased by 37.19 percent since April 2022.” “This figure is down 26.07 percent from March 2023.”

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In the meantime, total exports of oil and gas in April 2023 amounted to USD 31.96 million, representing a decline of 64.88 percent compared to March 2023 export totals. Umar claims that from April of 2022, this value has experienced a sharp decrease of 70.43 percent.

source: jatimpemprov


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