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Empowering Innovation: Unveiling Entrepreneurial Excellence at BESTARI FESTIVAL 2023

Binus@Malang at MCC

Bingkai Karya – BINUS@Malang and Himpreneur BINUS@Malang are delighted to introduce BESTARI FESTIVAL 2023, a celebration highlighting the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit of students. This annual event is scheduled for Saturday-Sunday, November 18-19, 2023, at the Malang Creative Center, 2nd floor. BESTARI FESTIVAL, short for BINUS Entrepreneurship and Creativity Festival, encompasses an expo, alumni reunion, and an engaging All Night event.

BESTARI FESTIVAL, deriving its name from the Indonesian term for knowledgeable, well-educated, and of good character, aims to showcase the creative ideas and entrepreneurial zeal of BINUS@Malang students. A total of 84 groups, comprising 218 students, will participate, presenting a diverse array of innovative products and applying their organizational skills.

Etsa Astridya Setiyati, Head of the Entrepreneurship Business Creation Study Program, expressed, “BESTARI Festival is organized to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of students. Through this Festival, we aspire to see them conduct market validation, articulate their products and businesses effectively, and gain valuable consumer insights for business development. We hope that activities like this will foster the emergence of innovative young Indonesian entrepreneurs contributing positively to the archipelago’s progress.”

The pinnacle of BESTARI FESTIVAL will unfold on November 18-19, 2023, featuring an EXPO booth supporting BINUSIAN 2024 in showcasing and selling their products or services. This highlight night will be enhanced by various captivating entertainments, creating a memorable experience for all attendees. Hosting events of this nature underscores BINUS @Malang’s commitment to continuously support and empower the younger generation, nurturing skilled and competitive individuals. This commitment aligns with the goal of contributing to the development of East Java and Eastern Indonesia.


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