Aziz Hedra’s Evolution: From RnB Vibes to Emotional Ballads with ‘Issa Goodbye

Bingkai Karya – Abdul Aziz Hedra, also known as Aziz Hedra, continues to dedicate himself to his work in appreciation of fans and music enthusiasts, both within and beyond Indonesia. This commitment is evident in the release of his third single titled “Issa Goodbye.” Crafted by Belanegara Abe, Aziz Hedra, Kaleb J, and Abraham Edo, the song narrates a tale of intense love that ultimately goes unanswered. 

In Aziz’s words, “For my third single, I unveiled a track titled ‘Issa Goodbye,’ delving into the genuine and powerful emotions of love I experienced for my partner, only to discover it was unrequited. In the end, we had to part ways due to unreciprocated feelings. The essence is that love cannot be coerced. When it becomes untenable, it’s better to release it, even though it’s a challenging decision.”

From receiving the song to recording and its subsequent release, Aziz’s turnaround time was impressively brief. Nonetheless, he acknowledges the challenges encountered during the performance. “Fortunately, the recording process proceeded smoothly without significant hurdles. The challenge lies more in conveying the emotions when singing, particularly when taking on the assertive role in the song. I endeavored to draw upon past memories to infuse my feelings into this song,” shared the artist, born on June 20. Aziz recognizes substantial differences in this third song compared to his two prior releases, “Somebody’s Pleasure” and “No More You & I,” which were RnB; this time, he explores the ballad genre while retaining his distinct style. He invites listeners to experience it for themselves upon its release.

Presenting the third single to Indonesian music enthusiasts brings a sense of pride to Aziz. Reflecting on his journey, he expresses gratitude for the swift realization of many dreams, from debuting in the music industry to achieving viral success in 12 countries and featuring on a billboard in Times Square, New York. Winning the prestigious AMI Award 2023 for the Best Solo Soul/R&B Artist further solidified his recent musical accomplishments. Aziz looks forward to the positive reception of “Issa Goodbye,” hoping it resonates with listeners and serves as a companion for those navigating unreciprocated love. The artist concludes, “Our love is not reciprocated, and hopefully, this song can offer solace.”

Notably, Aziz Hedra’s first single, “Somebody’s Pleasure,” amassed 144 million streams on Spotify (as of the writing of this release). Recently, he clinched the Best Solo Soul/R&B Artist award at the AMI Award 2023. “Issa Goodbye” is set to be available on digital music platforms starting November 17, 2023.


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