Exploring Adulthood Transitions, Treanne Released Mini Album “20/20”

Bingkai KaryaTreanne, a singer-songwriter from Kansas City, released her debut EP, “20/20,” last week. Following Treanne’s first US tour with labelmate “Sampha,” the EP was released. After releasing the teaser songs “Please” and “Sharing My Body,” “20/20” now includes the music video for “It’s Your Birthday.” Treanne’s talent as a singer and songwriter is once again showcased beautifully, proving once and for all that she is the world’s artist to follow in 2024.

When Treanne opened for Sampha, she enthralled both critics and fans. Minneapolis’ The Current noted “the honesty of (Treanne’s) work that blew us all away” and Nashville Scene exclaimed, “I was completely unprepared for Treanne,” she continued, “her voice is so fragile and her songs so personal…there she was, revealing the most private things of her soul to thousands of captivated strangers, who sat silently watching.”

On her album “20/20,” Treanne explores the concept of transitioning from youth to adulthood, when you realize things in life might cause harm as the consequences. “Reasons,” a song she co-wrote with British musician and artist Jack Peñate in London, talks about intimacy, love, longing, and boundaries in relationships, as do “Sharing My Body” and “It’s Ur Birthday.”

Born in London, raised in Jamaica, and now living in Kansas City, as a child Treanne dreamed that one day she would go to America and become a star. A decade later, she is ready to realize her dream.


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