.Feast Releases New Single entitled “Bintang Massa Aksi”

.Feast released their new single entitled “Bintang Massa Aksi” on November 22, 2022. The music video stars Refo and Fauna, .Feast members, Madukina, .Feast or Aktifeast production team, and don’t miss some Bats or .Feast listeners. The vocalist, Baskara Putra, is believed to be the director in making the Bintang Massa Aksi music video.

Without a clear storyline, the music video for “Bintang Massa Aksi” shows snippets of scenes that often bring a smile to your lips. However, all shooting is done seriously technically. 

“The idea is almost “nothing”. Me and Rifqi (DOP) talked about it in the brainstorming stage and just wanted to make a video clip that is pleasing to the eye frame by frame (with what we can do within all limitations of course), but we also wanted to make video clips which are fun. We want to prove to ourselves that frames with “crazy” narration can still be good … that’s purely the motivation and the concept. It seems that currently, there are a lot of art creators who want to create something “deep” or “relatable”… we don’t want to be like that, we want to just be kidding, hahaha,” explained Baskara the director.

Even though it is not the first video clip that .Feast has worked on, the music video for “Bintang Massa Aksi” is the first video clip from .Feast which was produced with a fairly large budget. So far, they are known for their video clips which can be considered low budget.


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