YoRI describes hope in “Ripple”

YoRI (Aurel Mayori), a 16-year-old singer released her latest single entitled “Ripple”. Trying to break away from the shadows of being a member of the previous group, YoRI, now in every live performance she often involves a live band player to accompany her, tries to present music and lyrics that are more mature to be heard by various age groups. Still playing in the realm of the J-Pop genre, “Ripple” brings fresher music with a touch of drum beats and rock guitar distortion to accompany YoRI’s unique voice.

“Ripple” itself is a song that tells about the depiction of hope from everyone who is trapped in limitations and shortcomings, expectations that are hit by difficulties and various kinds of life problems. The title was chosen because it adequately describes the story that occurs in the song. Sometimes changes in destiny don’t always have to be dramatic, sometimes they are like ripples in water that are created from a single drop of momentum to step out of various limitations. A song that when listening to it we will feel the sensation of watching an anime opening.

“Ripple” will accompany the album “Unlock” as a song that will fill YoRI’s first album which is scheduled for release in mid-2023. If everything goes according to plan, the album will contain 8 songs with nuances of Japanese musical arrangements from various core genres. Released under the auspices of RENZ Records, we hope “Unlock” can bring a positive atmosphere to listeners.


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