Fletch Narrates the Regretful Feeling of Not Accompanying Someone in “Blue Dawn”

Fletch returned with their latest single entitled “Blue Dawn” after 2 years of the 4th single’s release. This alternative-pop band consisting of Richard (vocals, guitar), Danti (ukulele), Rido (keyboards, vocals), Naufalia (bass), Amanda (violin), and Ade (drums) included “Blue Dawn” in their next EP Album.

Amanda as a lyricist tries to tell the regret of someone who is unable to accompany her closest people in difficult times since the situation isn’t an easy thing for her too. She hopes that the listeners can relate to the story and purpose of this song so they don’t feel lonely in difficult times they may be going through.

The process of writing “Blue Dawn” has similarities to two of Fletch’s previous singles, “Laraku, Pilumu” and “Worn Out”, where personal experience plays a big role in the writing process. 

Fletch invited Irfan Shiddiqqi to fill the violin part of this single. He also has been involved in various Fletch projects, such as live performances and live sessions. “Blue Dawn” only consists of vocals, keyboards, guitar, violin, and ukulele so it offers a different atmosphere from Fletch’s previous songs.

“Blue Dawn” is out on various digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, and other streaming platforms.


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