PRISINDO Members Won 15 Categories in AMI Awards, From Yura Yunita to Isyana Sarasvati

The AMI Awards was successfully held on October 13, 2022. More than 400 songs were collected, starting from singles until the new album released in the period July 1, 2021 – June 20, 2022. This annual event is a form of appreciation for the parties, both in front of and behind the scenes, who have worked hard in producing their best works.

PRISINDO Collective Management Organization (CMO), which houses many singers and Indonesian musicians, was very proud of the 15 categories that were won by a row of members at the AMI Awards. Tulus, NOAH, Raisa, Tipe-X and Yura Yunita were some of the members of PRISINDO who brought home the AMI Awards trophies. 

Marcell Siahaan, a musician who also serves as Chairman PRISINDO for the period 2019-2024, sent his congratulations. 

“I am on behalf of the management of PRISINDO congratulating our members for their awards at the AMI Awards. We are very proud of this achievement, as well as we would like to express the highest appreciation to the AMI organizer for the very well-done implementation of the 2022 AMI Awards. Best wishes, keep going on Indonesian Music!” said Marcel.

The following is a complete list of the 2022 AMI Awards categories which are won by PRISINDO members:

1. Best Pop Duo/Group: NOAH

2. Best Pop Music Arranger: Ari Renaldi (Hati-Hati di Jalan)

3. Best Pop Album: Manusia (Tulus)

4. Best Soul/R&B Male/Female Solo Artist: Cantika Abigail

5. Best Soul/R&B Duo/Group/Collaboration: Raisa & Kara Chenoa

6. Best Electro Dangdut Male/Female Solo Artist/Group/Collaboration: Sandrina

7. Best Progressive Production Work: My Mystery (Isyana


8. Best Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady Productions: Bahagia Sampai Tua (Tipe-X)

9. Best Recording Producer: Ari Renaldi (Hati-Hati di Jalan)

10. Best Sound Production Team: Ari Renaldi (Hati-Hati di Jalan)

11. Best Pop Female Solo Artist: Yura Yunita

12. Best Pop Male Solo Artist: Tulus

13. Best Metal Male Solo/Female Solo/Group/Collaboration Artist: Isyana Sarasvati & Deadsquad

14. Best Album: Manusia (Tulus)

15. Best Production Work: Hati-Hati di Jalan (Tulus)


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