Fourtwnty’s “Nalar Tour Album” Kicks Off in Surabaya and Yogyakarta

Bingkai Karya Fourtwnty’s highly anticipated “Nalar Tour Album” exploded onto the scene in Surabaya and Yogyakarta, rocking enthusiastic fans who’d been craving a live fix. Partnering with ExpoIndo, the band delivered powerful sets, igniting mass choir singalongs and sending emotions soaring.

Surabaya’s DBL Arena buzzed long before the 7pm kickoff, with “arek-are Suroboyo” (Suroboyan folks) eagerly filling the air with Fourtwnty tunes. The electrifying concert extended beyond 10pm, featuring a vibrant opening act and the band’s signature blend of soulful lyrics and driving melodies.

Yogyakarta’s Grand Pacific Hall witnessed a similar spectacle, bathed in the glow of music and mass fan harmony. Lead singer Ari Lesmana even shed light on the stories behind certain songs, urging the crowd to prioritize self-love before worrying about others.

The tour is set to culminate in Jakarta on January 27th at Hall D2 of JIEXPO Kemayoran. Tickets are still up for grabs via the BBO App, so don’t miss your chance to witness this sonic journey!

Remember, this tour isn’t just about catchy tunes; it’s about experiencing “Nalar,” the band’s latest album, live and loud. Expect soaring anthems, intimate insights, and a band firing on all cylinders.

For more details, dive into the Fourtwnty website or the BBO App. Buckle up, Jakarta, Fourtwnty’s about to bring the thunder!


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