IU and V’s Magical Romance Takes a Tragic Turn in “Love Wins All” MV

Bingkai Karya – IU’s long-awaited comeback with “Love Wins All” ignited the K-pop scene on January 24th, 2024. But it’s the accompanying music video featuring BTS’s V that truly grabbed fans’ hearts (and sparked endless online chatter).

The video explodes with chemistry as IU and V navigate a dystopian landscape, dodging mysterious flying cubes and clinging to hope. A magical handycam reveals a parallel reality where they’re safe and sound, adorned in stunning wedding attire – a poignant reminder of their love amidst the chaos.

Tragically, reality bites back. They encounter the cubes once more, leading to a heartbreaking conclusion that left fans in tears. Despite the emotional gut punch, viewers showered praise on the video’s stunning visuals, IU and V’s captivating performances, and the bittersweet message of love’s power in the face of adversity.

“Love Wins All” has officially cemented IU and V as stars who shine both together and in their own right. The video’s success proves that sometimes, the most beautiful stories leave you wanting more, even if they break your heart a little.


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