Lullaboy Returns to His Roots with New Single “3 New Words”

Bingkai Karya – Singer-songwriter Lullaboy, a rising star under RedRecords, embraces his ethnic identity in his latest single “3 New Words.” This release marks a significant milestone in the Indonesian-Singaporean artist’s career, as it features his first ever use of Bahasa Indonesia, his second language.

Following four well-received English singles under RedRecords, which collectively garnered a substantial 30 million streams, Lullaboy is set to capture hearts once again with “3 New Words.” A heartfelt homecoming, the single showcases Lullaboy’s unique blend of American and Singaporean identities with an Indonesian twist, unveiling a new intimate side (and true self) ready to cross vast oceans.

At its core, “3 New Words” is a deeply personal expression; a melodic love letter. While Lullaboy’s previous releases have all been in English, “3 New Words” presents a refreshing change as he incorporates Bahasa Indonesia for the first time in his music, catering to his listeners and fans in Indonesia—and, coincidentally, Malaysia as well.

The captivating chorus immediately draws listeners and fans in:

“I’ll teach you 3 new words, aku cinta kamu,

and if you’re from my world, that just means I love you.”

“Aku cinta kamu”—three words that hold a special meaning for the rising pop phenomenon—Lullaboy, painting a picture of his emotional state and presenting a truly unique cross-cultural fusion.

The song’s creation process was natural and heartfelt—reflected in its narrative. The melodic and harmonic elements are directly inspired by the distinct characteristics of Indonesian ballad pop. Upon listening, one can also detect subtle contemporary “Daniel Caesar ” touches, seamlessly woven into Lullaboy’s own musical character and instincts. Accompanied by romantic acoustic guitar and beautiful strings, “3 New Words” feels like an embrace; gently enveloping the listener.

A brilliant work that embodies his trifold cultural identity, “3 New Words” was written in America to honor Indonesian culture and heritage, and recorded and polished in Singapore—a labor of love showcasing the intricate details that make Lullaboy the star he is today.


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