Mawar De Jongh Express The Feeling of Loss in New Single ‘Tiba Tiba Hilang’

Mawar De Jongh keeps creating music despite its heavy schedule of shooting film. Her new single entitled ‘Tiba Tiba Hilang’ was written by one of Fourtwnty’s personnel, Andi Armand. This song was written based on Mawar’s characteristic, which has simple lyrics but emotional 

“I’m hoping that people will enjoy and relate to the song, especially Mawaries, who are my fans. I’m here to sing it for you if you’ve ever experienced loss or been ghosted. I hope you enjoy my brand-new song.” said Mawar.

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Shadtoto Prasetio, with the help of Mustika Ratu, produced this music video. Gagarin Nathaniel and Nicholas Calame, two male models, star in the “Tiba Tiba Hilang” music video. In the music video, there is a different point of view, and the model now perceives the same sensation of loss as Mawar de Jongh did in the past. 


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