Mea Shahira Drops Sultry New Single “Come ‘n Find Me”

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian R&B songstress Mea Shahira is back with her latest single, “Come ‘n Find Me,” a midtempo track that blends neo-R&B with elements of afrobeat, hip hop, reggaeton, and dancehall.

The song, co-written by Mea Shahira, Ezra Kunze, and Fathan Maulana, is an anthem for young women who crave the thrill of romance. With its sultry lyrics and infectious beat, “Come ‘n Find Me” is sure to get hearts racing.

“The song ‘Come ‘n Find Me’ started with a jam session with my good friend, Fathan Maulana, in the studio,” Mea Shahira shares. “As soon as Fathan played a beat, we could imagine the framework of the song and he invited his friend, Ezra Kunze, to contribute to the song. It’s the fastest song I’ve ever worked on.”

While the song came together quickly, Mea Shahira was intentional about ensuring it had its own unique identity. While her previous single, “Not Today Not Tomorrow,” was inspired by the R&B era of FM radio, “Come ‘n Find Me” takes cues from modern R&B artists like Tyla, Burna Boy, and Amaarae.

“With this song, I was really interested in exploring the subgenre of afrobeat,” Mea Shahira says. “I hope ‘Come ‘n Find Me’ can introduce this subgenre to Indonesian music listeners who may not be familiar with it yet. Afrobeat music is very futuristic, yet it’s also easy to listen to. I also think this type of production can further emphasize the confidence I want to project with this song.”

Vocal director Mo Kamga welcomed Mea Shahira’s vision for the song, praising her willingness to experiment with her vocals and explore a new musical style.

“For this project, I decided to give Mea complete freedom to experiment with her vocals,” Kamga says. “On the other hand, I had no complaints about Ezra and his rap verse. As a vocal director, I didn’t have to work hard and look for references everywhere because Mea, thankfully, is the type of young musician who knows exactly what she wants – from the vocal arrangement to the overall vibe of the music. Personally, I hope Mea can bring afrobeat to the mainstream in Indonesia.”

Fathan Maulana, who co-wrote and produced the song with Mea Shahira, describes “Come ‘n Find Me” as a track that will “make hearts burn and blossom at the same time.”

“We specifically focused on the cohesiveness between Mea’s vocals and the percussion for this song,” Maulana says. “I had a great time working with Mea and Ezra. Everything was organic and communicative.”

Ultimately, Mea Shahira hopes that “Come ‘n Find me” will enrich the musical landscape of Indonesia.

“I hope this song can be fuel for the confidence of anyone who listens to it,” she says. “Sometimes, it’s okay to stop overthinking for a moment and just focus on the present moment and have fun.”

“Come ‘n Find Me” is out now on all major digital streaming platforms.


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