Monét Ngo Explores Difficult Life Situations With His New Single ‘Strawberry Fields’

Monét Ngo released a new single titled “Strawberry Fields” which told us about a profound and compassionate message about enduring hardship. The song’s production, which draws from hyperpop influences such vocal pitching, distortion, and electronic synthesis, blends with alternative rock-inspired chords and percussion beats. It is a distinctive fusion of many musical genres that stands out in a crowded field and is able to convey passion and emotion through a special style and methodology.

Strawberry Fields is about a time in my life where I was living out of my car with my ex-girlfriend. We were in an unstable housing situation and had nowhere else to sleep except my 2004 Toyota Camry. In the song I reflect on these weird transitional periods in my life, finding myself wanting to go back to that time. ( The song pays homage to The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever” using strawberry fields as a metaphor for a memory that you hold deeply in your heart,” explained Monét Ngo.

Monét Ngo gained 1 million likes and over 30.5K followers after creating a TikTok account a few months ago. He posts his daily life and his music there. Debuted in April 2022 with “Lonestar”, Monét Ngo has gained over 144,000 monthly listeners with more than 1.1 million plays across his 2 recent singles. 


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