Saykoji and Ana Timur Rocked The Stage of “The East Side”

Saykoji’s most well-known song, “Online” was finally heard in Philadelphia. Saykoji sang it with Ana Timur and Rah Hite. Under the summer sun, an Indonesian Festival held by Modero & Company was so much fun. In order to celebrate Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, this year “The East Side” brought dances from Eastern Indonesia. 

More than 3000 audiences danced along from 11 AM to 6 PM. Not only some performances, this event also offered many of Indonesia’s signature food from Pecel Ndeso, Bakso Super Philly, Dapur Ampera, Wiwas Tempeh, and Fang-Fang Snack. To jazz up the event, Exodos 57 and Heiden Heritage gave some prizes. 

The event began with a flag raising ceremony, prayer, and speech from Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI/Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia) New York, Arifi Saiman, and some figures from Philadelphia. Following that were dances, prized quiz, and Saykoji and Ana Timur’s performance. 

Saykoji brought some of his popular songs, including “Online”, “Jalan Panjang”, and “Go Young Coplaw” which convinced the audiences to sing and dance along. He also sang with Ana timur, Etgard Kalengke, and Inggid Wakano in bringing “Baru Ngana Rasa”, “Seselero”, and “Kita Semua Bersaudara” which it was the first time of those songs being sung outside Indonesia. 

“Indonesia Festival in Philadelphia really shows Indonesia’s society side that assimilate with the locals through food, ethnic dances, and the performances. As one of the performers in this event, I was amazed to see how all people were here and appreciating the event and every performer enthusiastically. All the food stalls were crowded with audiences who were patient to wait for their order. It was so full until I didn’t get any,” said Saykoji. 

Modero is a community established by Sinta Penyami Storms, an Indonesian dance artist. Modero began as a dance studio in 2011 with a mission to keep Indonesia’s traditional cultures through many aspects, such as dances, food, fashions, etc. Modero has a strong commitment to work together with many communities in order to empower them through shows, culinary festivals, social issues, art exhibitions,and many more. To get more information about Modero and The East Side, follow Modero’s social media @moderocompany on Instagram; on Facebook, and


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