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OPPO Invites Youngsters to Join Environment Care Campaign, Producing More Eco-Friendly Packaging

Public is starting to be aware of the importance of eco-friendly habits and lifestyle to maintain the continuity of life for our children and grandchildren in the future. One of the inspirational stories came from two young people, Syahiq Harpi and Almira Zulfikar, who made a new breakthrough to have a positive impact on society and the environment for the survival of our earth.

The problem of piling up garbage often makes people restless and causes flooding for the environment. Not only that, puddles caused by garbage are a threat to public health. This series of problems makes Syahiq Harpi want to contribute more to preserving the environment in one of the rivers in Indonesia which has a length of 120 kilometers, namely the Ciliwung River. One of the right steps is to establish Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung/Ciliwung Care Community. Through this community, Syahiq Harpi invites the whole community and all members to care more about continuity of the river.

“I want people to start to understand that we dispose of waste without segregation, straight to the trash can, then piled up in the TPA (Final Disposal Site) without processing it is the wrong thing,” said Shahiq. This young man from Condet, East Jakarta wants to teach about sorting waste, composting, and reducing the use of single-use plastic to all children in school. This step needs to be done so that the earth remains viable in the future.

Meanwhile, Almira Zulfikar also introduced a new solution to reduce waste plastic by making eco-friendly food packaging. This woman had time to focus on exploring waste materials for a more sustainable production design. Almira went through this process until the end to establish Together with his two friends in Plepah, she brought innovative biodegradable packaging made from agricultural waste materials, namely betel palm stem in Indonesia in the form of food containers and plates. Betel palm stem is selected as the main material for this biodegradable packaging product because it has a lot of availability and is easily found in Indonesia.

Efforts to be more concerned about the environment are now also being campaigned by companies around the world, including OPPO. As in the OPPO Sustainability Report 2021 at Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, OPPO promises to implement internationally certified “3R+1D” sustainable packaging principles and to reduce packaging weight, using recycled materials, recyclable materials, and can biodegradable.

Since 2019, all of the plastics used in OPPO smartphone packaging have been reduced to 95%, starting from the European market. Meanwhile, for plastic materials that are currently cannot be replaced with other materials, OPPO chooses to use biodegradable materials, namely polylactic acid. In addition, about 45% of smartphone packaging in the European market is made with recycled fiber so it reduces use raw materials.

In order to increase the life of its products, OPPO has also introduced an Exclusive Battery Health Machine that can increase battery life. With this innovative technology, battery capacity can last up to 80% after more than 1600 charging-discharging cycles.

Moreover, OPPO is also working with various other partners to push the concept of eco-friendly sustainability. OPPO was one of the first companies to join the Eco Rating Labeling Scheme and was able to get a good score. This program was initiated by Europe’s leading mobile operator to assess environmental performance of smartphones in five key areas: durability, resource efficiency, capability improvement, recycling, and climate efficiency.

In addition to environmental preservation, OPPO held a #77PortraitAnakBangsa campaign as an effort to appreciate all the contributions of national figures who helped advance Indonesia according to their expertise in the respective fields. Starting from legendary actors, directors, writers to founders from various companies have shared their unique stories through a series of portrait photos and videos.

OPPO believed that through the unique stories of the nation’s young generation, it will be able to awaken our spirit to continue to work and be free to express ourselves without limits. The spirit, role models, and various inspirational stories were recorded and immortalized using the OPPO Reno8 Series, and it felt special because it was held to celebrate Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day.

On the photography side, the Reno8 Pro 5G can record photos in various light conditions because of the combination of a premium camera and chipset MariSilicon X. The combination of photographic technology in the Reno8 Series can capture images in every moment perfectly. Now using the OPPO Reno8 Series, anyone is able to produce works and express themselves without limits.


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