Monét Ngo Shares His Life Experience Through “After School Club”

Monét Ngo, a Vietnamese-American musician and educator, is getting ready to release his new EP, “After School Club,” which reflects on his own coming-of-age experience and offers a profound and heartfelt message about feeling like a “failure” and being left out. 

The song’s production, which draws from hyperpop influences such vocal pitching, distortion, and electronic synthesis, blends with alternative rock-inspired chords and percussion beats. It’s a distinctive fusion of many music genres that stands out and is able to convey feeling and emotion using a distinct style and approach.

Monét Ngo started a TikTok account a few months ago, and since then, it has amassed over 1,4 million likes and over 35 thousand followers. He posts about himself and his music on a daily basis. Since the publication of his debut album, “Lonestar,” in April 2022, Monét Ngo has increased his monthly listenership to over 183,000, and his three most recent albums have received over 2 million plays.

The “After School Club” is an eclectic compilation of songs that essentially represents Monet Ngo’s accumulation of experiences and teachings. There is a lot of baggage to unload and life to enjoy after a long day at work. However, you are currently stranded at the “After School Club.” There, you may let it all out. Good or negative, all of your feelings are present. You can build the after-school club into whatever you want. It serves as a lesson, a second home, and most importantly, it provides a location where we are not isolated.


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