Musember Express Anger to a Stubborn Man in “Alergi”

Musember, a duo consisting of Eka Gustiwana and Yessiel Trivena, released the latest song entitled “Alergi”. It is a synth-electro-pop genre with more rapid tempo, inserting vintage feel in music and visuals. (Generic Ambien)

The lyrics talked about a woman who is “allergic” to a stubborn man who hurt her many times, but he still insists on coming back. A mistake can be forgiven for once, but it is intolerable when it happens many times. 

A light, cheerful, and sweet music is used to express the sarcasm and anger. The woman felt lucky because she was aware that all this time she was trapped with a ‘parasite’ in the relationship.

Eka Gustiwana’s creative side and Yessiel Trivena’s visual aesthetic side were combined into a unit that formed the characteristics of this song. Musember offered synth-electro-pop music with a mix of modern and vintage elements in the visual. 

Eka Gustiwana is always known for his creative creations and EDM music, but Musember presented Eka Gustiwana’s different side so this collaboration became interesting, both music and visual.


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