myECO With BumiBaik Adopting Carbon from 140+ Used Lamps to Preserve the Environment

myECO Teknologi Nusantara succeeded in converting 140+ used lamps to 10 tons of carbon as an attempt to trade for the emitted carbons by the lamps used in every household. The activity goals are to increase society’s awareness regarding the lamps used in households emitting carbon. Another campaign that convinces people to donate their lamps to be converted into carbon has been held by myECO, where the gathered lamps will be recycled so nothing is wasted.

Collaborating with BumiBaik, myECO uses the technology from BumiBaik digital platform to calculate the lamp conversion and the total carbon emission by observing the lamp’s lifetime and the number of donated lamps. Anyone who donated lamps will obtain a free, new eco-friendly LED lamp with high quality, free carbon payment, BumiBaik application voucher, and access to myECO application. Aside from tangible benefits, lamps donor will also obtain knowledge about lamps that release carbon and contribute to taking care of the earth and environment, and no penny is needed in this campaign

“We indeed focus on how people are able to realize that electronics emit carbon and they have to pay for it. Those things need to be efficient because lamps turned on for 1 to 2 hours will keep releasing carbon. That’s why myECO is here to make the energy efficient,” said Derifato, CEO of myECO Teknologi Nusantara.

myECO is determined to keep spreading awareness regarding energy saving while also educating people to save energy so they will be more aware of the earth’s deteriorating condition and take care of it even more.

“With this collaboration, we can share a similar vision and mission for environmental sustainability. Even though we are in different fields, we are still in the same lane. We hope that this collaboration can be the first step to working together with other startups in the environmental sustainability field,” said Rizal Rosyadi, COO BumiBaik.

For further information regarding the campaign of used lamps collecting and carbon conversion, visit myECO’s Instagram at


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