Happy International Childhood Cancer Day! Here are Interesting Facts You Must Know

International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD), celebrated every February 15th, is a global collaborative initiative to raise awareness and encourage a greater appreciation and deeper understanding of the challenges experienced by children and adolescents with cancer, survivors, and their families. The ICCD draws attention to the demand for more universally accessible cancer care and treatment for all children worldwide. Let’s discover more about the history of International Childhood Cancer Day and its topic for the 2023 campaign.

The theme for International Childhood Cancer Day 2023 is “Better Survival”, which is reachable #ThroughTheirHands. The theme is centered on praising parents and other caregivers for the beneficial effects they have on the lives of children and teenagers who are dealing with cancer. A campaign with the hashtag #ThroughTheirHands aims to portray cancer survival statistics on a global, regional, and national level using the iconic picture of vibrantly painted children’s handprints.

The history of World Childhood Cancer Day is closely linked to the global effort to ensure that children have access to the best possible health care, treatment, and facilities. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO), St. Jude Hospital, and other global partners have launched a child health system as part of the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer (GICC).

This is a serious action taken to improve the responsiveness of the healthcare system to children with cancer. By 2030, GICC hopes to lessen the suffering of kids with cancer and reach a cancer survival rate of at least 60%. More than 100 international stakeholders from various sectors are also involved in the program, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children with cancer.


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