Rayen Pono Celebrates Love and Identity Through “Puncak Asmara” Ft. Saykoji

Rayen Pono decided to show his admiration for his idol, Utha Likumahuwa, by presenting a re-interpretation of one of his most famous masterpieces, namely “Puncak Asmara”. This upbeat song, which was created in 1988, seems to have breathed new life thanks to Rayen Pono and Alden Luhukay’s production which is more edgy and modern.

Repackaging “Puncak Asmara” has become Rayen Pono’s biggest challenge throughout his 20-year career in the music industry – a challenge that, amazingly, Rayen Pono has managed to overcome gracefully and confidently. Rayen Pono’s passionate vocals sparked a more mature romance in “Puncak Asmara”. Meanwhile, the musical arrangement which blends contemporary R&B and hip hop soul further emphasizes the joy emanated by Utha Likumahuwa’s masterpiece.

As a result, Rayen Pono’s version of “Puncak Asmara” has great potential to steal the hearts of music fans of all ages. What’s more, it’s time for the current generation to get to know the figure of Utha Likumahuwa and her services to the country’s music industry. (vallartainfo.com)

There is one more reason why, of all the masterpieces ever popularized by Utha Likumahuwa, such as “Sesaat Kau Hadir” and “Aku Tetap Cinta”, Rayen Pono decided to repackage the song “Puncak Asmara”. According to Rayen Pono, when “Puncak Asmara” was first released in 1988, the song succeeded in changing the formula of pop music in the 80s.

Rayen Pono’s “Puncak Asmara” also offers even more surprises. AMI Awards winning rapper, Saykoji enlivens “Puncak Asmara” with a lively rap verse. The percussive rhythm that accompanies the song is inspired by the traditional music of East Nusa Tenggara. Even more interesting, “Puncak Asmara” closes with a cameo from a veteran Neo-Tradition musician from Flores, Ivan Nestorman.

In the end, “Puncak Asmara” became Rayen Pono’s new single before the release of his solo album at the end of January. The concept and vision for this album were not designed haphazardly, bearing in mind that this album will be Rayen Pono’s golden milestone throughout his 20-year career. “Puncak Asmara” by Rayen Pono and Saykoji was released under Semesta Records and can be heard on all digital streaming platforms (DSP) on January 23, 2023.


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