Cempaka Foundation Launches A Conservation Program On Mount Penanggungan’s Slopes in Pasuruan

Cempaka Foundation launched the KHDTA (Konservasi Hutan dan Daerah Tangkapan Air/Forest Conservation and Water Catchment Area) program in the Slope Forest of Mount Penanggungan, Pasuruan Regency, to be detailed in Wonosunyo Village, Gempol District, Pasuruan Regency, on January 31, 2023.

The activity, themed “Menjaga Hutan Menjaga Kehidupan,” aims to plant 2600 trees in order to preserve the forest and springs that benefit the locals. Earlier, this non-profit organization with the mission of creating an economically and environmentally sustainable independent community successfully carried out the same program in the Pasuruan Regency forest areas on the slopes of Mount Bromo and Mount Arjuno-Welirang.

Cempaka Foundation collaborated with several companies for this program, including PT Tirtamas Lestari, myECO Teknologi Nusantara, PT Akasha Wira International Tbk, PT Belirang Kalisari, and PT CS2 Pola Sehat. Not only that, Cempaka Foundation also invited the Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kabupaten Pasuruan (Pasuruan Regency Environmental Service), Dinas Kehutanan Provinsi Jawa Timur (East Java Provincial Forestry Service), and the residents of Wonosunyo Village to take part in this conservation activity. This event was also attended by the Komunitas Gunung Wangi, the Forum DAS Kabupaten Pasuruan, and local village officials.

2600 tree seedlings were planted for this conservation. 300 seeds from PT Tirtamas Lestari and 100 seeds from PT Belirang Kalisari were planted in Wonosunyo Village, Gempol District, Pasuruan Regency.

Meanwhile, 1,000 seeds from PT Akasha Wira International Tbk were planted in the Kawasan Hutan Puthuk Elang, Jatiarjo Village, Prigen District; 200 seedlings from myECO Teknologi Nusantara were planted in Kawasan Hutan Blok Sukmojati, Dayurejo Village, Prigen District; and 1,000 seedlings from PT CS2 Pola Sehat were planted in the Kawasan Hutan Lindung Blok Curah Tangkil, Dayurejo Village, Prigen District.

The banyan, kluwih, and durian trees were planted in this village. Sarifudin Latif, Director of Cempaka Foundation, explained that the banyan and kluwih trees were chosen because they have excellent water retention capacity, allowing rainwater to be absorbed and solving the problem of Wonosunyo village’s water deficit.

Another reason is that these trees produce edible fruit and benefit the community. Anshori, Secretary of Wonosunyo Village, hopes that with this program, water sources in Wonosunyo Village and on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan will not run dry during the dry season.


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