SORN Discovers Herself in “Nirvana Girl (ft. Yeeun)”

SORN released a 4th single “Nirvana Girl” featuring Yeeun, her former teammate in K-Pop girl group CLC . Sorn defines the meaning of “Nirvana Girl” as letting go of the labels she used to define her and learning to become the most true version of herself. The song’s lyrics make references to the spiritual in her quest for liberation and enlightenment.

The multi-talented SORN found her love for singing and performing on stage at a young age. At the age of 15, SORN went from Bangkok to Seoul where she trained to make her debut as the lead vocalist of the female K-Pop group CLC in 2015. 

SORN parted ways with CLC and her previous employer Cube Entertainment in 2021 and inked a contract with international hybrid management firm WILD Group to launch her eagerly awaited solo career. Since then, SORN has released three digital singles, each of which has gained widespread acclaim and a devoted fan base, notably in Southeast Asia. 

With more than 5 million followers on social media, SORN has grown a fan base all across the world while showing her outgoing, fun-loving nature. In order to connect with her audience, she is known for creating popular and viral video content across all of her social media platforms.


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