Suara Kayu and Project Pop Narrate the Eternal Love through “Istimewa di Hati”

Suara Kayu released their latest single “Istimewa di Hati”. This time, they collaborated with the legendary music group Project Pop. They wrote the song with Djoni Permanto and entrusted Irwan Simanjuntak as the producer. Meanwhile, Gibran Panjisakhi directed and Rykart Adrian produced the official music video.

“Istimewa di Hati”, with an easy listening pop genre and a cheerful beat, narrates a boundless love. The lyrics maintain their poetic quality while also incorporating elements of humor. The official music video tells a touching story about a father’s eternal love for his child.

Regarding this collaboration, both Ingrid Tamara and Dewangga, members of Suara Kayu, consider this work to be a dream comes true. This is because they have idolized Project Pop for a long time.

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“Another one of our dreams has come true, collaborating with our idols. The Project Pop members gave us the opportunity to write ‘Istimewa di Hati’. Kak Udjo also contributed ideas to the lyrics of the final chorus. ( The recording process was incredibly enjoyable, filled with laughter and jokes. It was so much fun!” they both exclaimed.

Suara Kayu hoped music enthusiasts would enjoy “Istimewa di Hati” positively. The song is now available on digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. You can enjoy the official music video on the duo’s YouTube channel.

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