The Bakuucakar and Lalahuta Remake Glenn Fredly’s Song, “Kisah Romantis”

The Bakuucakar and Lalahuta remade Glenn Fredly‘s song, “Kisah Romantis”. This music is part of a collaboration between Warner Music Indonesia and BUMI Entertainment.

Not only involving The Bakuucakar, the project involves other musicians. Glenn Fredly sang “Kisah Romantis” for the first time in 2005. The Bakuucakar and Lalahuta arranged it slightly differently from how Glenn Fredly sang it.

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Lalahuta expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to bring back a piece by Glenn Fredly, an Indonesian music legend. They are hoping that The Bakuucakar and their remake will be well received by the general public.

“Kisah Romantis” follows the first remake song, “Januari,” which was made available alongside Anneth. A few of Glenn Fredly’s masterpieces are being remade as part of this initiative, which involves musicians from different carefully chosen music labels. The Bakuucakar wants Glenn’s work to be more widely appreciated and to live on in the minds of future generations.


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