The Best Types of Bread to Keep You Healthy

Bread can be a decent pick for your breakfast. In Indonesia, people tend to eat it as a “snack”, before eating rice. But there are cases where it is considered unhealthy and not recommended to be consumed. The primary example is white bread since it contains additional sugar and low quality carbs.

This affects some people to the point they’re not allowed to eat it, while actually it is the best source for grain consumption. Still, there are several kinds of bread that you can choose to consume, as it lacks a negative aspect that can directly affect your body.

Sourdough is the best option in case you have a problem with your intestines. As it is a fermented bread, it can help the microbiome within your bowel to process the gluten easily, as some of the sourdough are slow-fermented.

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Another option you can pick is Sprouted Bread that is made from sprouting grains that are caused by heat and moisture, as it will increase the amount of certain nutrients. It contains 3 times as much folate compared to the non-sprouted wheat. It also contains antioxidants and the least amount of carbs, therefore it will be safe for people with diabetes.

Last but not least, Oat bread is an excellent option for healthy bread. Since oats in general contain high fiber and magnesium, Vitamin B and Zinc, it can help to lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar and decrease high blood pressure.

Source: Healthline


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