World Teacher’s Day and National Teacher’s Day, What is The Difference?


World Teacher’s Day is celebrated every 5 October. This celebration is a sign of appreciation to all teachers in the world for sharing and teaching useful knowledge to us. However, Indonesia also has its own day to celebrate teacher’s day. Indonesia celebrates Teacher’s Day every 25 November called National Teacher’s Day. Then, what is the difference between national teacher’s day and world teacher’s day? check it out   

World Teacher’s Day is considered “the transformation of education begins with teachers”, meaning that teachers are not only seen as professionals who are involved in educational development but also as a support for teachers in order to educate, teach and share knowledge all around the world.   

After understanding the purpose of World Teacher’s Day, now it is time to take a look at its history. 5 October was chosen because it is celebrated as the year of signing UNESCO’s recommendation. For the first time, the recommendation provides teachers all around the world an instrument that defines their responsibilities and their rights.

Moreover, World Teacher’s Day focuses on teacher contributions and achievements and teachers’ priority in terms of education. 

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s teacher’s day is celebrated on 25 November. National Teacher’s Day in Indonesia is celebrated every November 25 together with the celebration day of PGRI or known as the Association of Teachers of the Republic of Indonesia. It began in 1912 when Raden Mas Ngabehi Dwidjosewojo created “The Unity of Hindia-Netherlands Teacher” (PGHB).

By the time, PGHB changed to PGRI through congress on 24 – 25 November 1945 at Surakarta. Therefore,  Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 78 of 1994 concerning National Teacher’s Day, President Soeharto then set November 25 as National Teacher’s Day.


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