Yellow Claw and Weird Genius Dropped “Lonely” with Novia Bachmid

Yellow Claw reunited with Weird Genius and released a new single, “Lonely”, with Indonesian Idol finalist, Novia Bachmid. Previously, Yellow Claw and Weird Genius had worked together in creating  “Hush” with Reikko that got 30 million streams. (Klonopin) Now, they combine the strong and sharp voice of Novia Bachmid and released “Lonely”. 

“Lonely” is a song that represents anyone who wants to be alone, clear their minds and get out of their routine. Sometimes, we want to be alone but it is not as simple as buying an unplanned ticket for travel. The message is we often take a rest but we lie to ourselves and see things will be okay. Many of us show our happiness on social media, but the reality is we are not happy. 

Yellow Claw is a duo who has been releasing popular dance music and has released 4 albums with some global hits like ‘Dj Turn It Up’, ‘Till It Hurts’, and ‘Love & War’. Their collaborator, Weird Genius, is a trio that broke the national record with their hit ‘Lathi’. Weird Genius will perform in Tomorrowland 2022 at Barong Family stage. (


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