A Dream Come True, Ziva Magnolya Drops First Album “Magnolya”

Ziva Magnolya released a new album entitled “Magnolya” under Universal Music Indonesia. After Indonesian Idol, Ziva Magnolya’s career as a pro singer developed and attracted music lovers’ attention. She chose “Magnolya ” as her album title to mark her most awaited full album and her existence in the music industry.  A dream come true, her full album is a pride that cannot be expressed in words.

This album contains 8 songs which 5 of them had been released in the form of singles. There are “Tak Sanggup Melupa #TerlanjurMencinta”, “Mata-Mata Harimu”, “Sampai Kapan”, “Terlukis Indah”, “Peri Cintaku”, “Munafik”, “Bahagia?”, and “Pilihan yang Terbaik”.

“Peri Cintaku” gains a lot of good responses and manages to sit in trending #1 on Youtube and Top 3 in many charts. The achievement does not stop there, Ziva becomes Indonesia’s Spotify EQUAL Ambassador for July, making her to be displayed in New York Times Square. 

“Munafik” is written by Ziva herself together with SOIN. The song is about waiting for a love that doesn’t know how long because there is no certainty. Ziva chose a pop ballad with piano and string for this single, making the song more serene. 

Different from “Munafik”, “Bahagia?” is more upbeat and bright, despite the story of heartbreaking after parting. Lastly, “Pilihan yang Terbaik ” is written by Seto Bramana telling about the end of a relationship. The existence of cello beautifies the song to be a gorgeous love song. 

3 songs of the album which are “Munafik”, “Bahagia?”, and “Pilihan Yang Terbaik” got music videos. “Munafik” was produced by kausa.xyz and directed by Isdam Atrahadena. A talented actor, Chicco Kurniawan, who previously starred in the music video of “Peri Cintaku” is chosen to be the actor for “Munafik”. “Bahagia?” was produced by Holyred Studioworks and “Pilihan yang Terbaik ” was by VSLZM. 

Interestingly, “Magnolya” album will be out in a limited box set containing the physical album, holographic box, friendship bracelet, holographic photocard, sticker set, lyric booklet, and a CD album. 


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