Anneth Reperforms Glenn Fredly’s ‘Januari’ with The Bakuucakar

Anneth Delliecia or Anneth remade Glenn Fredly’s hit song ‘Januari’. Anneth collaborated with The Bakuucakar, the band that accompanied the late Glenn Fredly. Glenn first performed this iconic song in 2003. Anneth, 20 years later, brought a slightly different arrangement and told the song from a female perspective.

Anneth encountered numerous difficulties during the song production process, to which Glenn was deeply attached. But, she did manage to give her characteristics in Glenn Fredly’s song. She hopes that the remake of the song “Januari” will find a home in the hearts of all Indonesian music fans.

The Bakuucakar praised Anneth’s remake of ‘Januari,’ claiming that she sang the song very beautifully. They also hope that through this project, Glenn’s work will be more widely appreciated and remembered by future generations.

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For information, ‘Januari’ is the first remake of several other songs included in the latest project involving The Bakuucakar between Warner Music Indonesia and BUMI Entertainment. This project also involves musicians from various labels covering some of Glenn Fredly’s masterpieces. Other songs will be released in the near future in stages.


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