BumiBaik Launches an App to Educate People About Reducing Carbon Emissions

BumiBaik launches an app on December 15th, 2022, and it is now available on Playstore. The app launch intended to encourage and raise awareness about reducing carbon emissions.

Prior to this, on September 21, 2022 coinciding with Zero Emission Day, BumiBaik also conducted a soft launching with discussions centered on the effects of carbon emissions and solutions to reduce them. Brawijaya University’s Faculty of Agriculture participated in the soft launching by sharing their experiences with the Cempaka Foundation and discussing forest conservation programs on Mount Arjuna.

The goal of BumiBaik is to develop into a digital platform that educates people about  the effects of carbon emissions on global warming. This program will initially assist in calculating each person’s carbon emissions. (www.patchhawaii.org) As a result, more people will become aware of the need to cut current levels of carbon emissions.

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BumiBaik will also make it easier for everyone to reduce their emissions by planting trees or caring for existing trees that function as carbon storage. By taking these actions, everyone will be able to maintain a balance between the carbon that is created and the carbon that is absorbed by the trees (Carbon Neutral).

BumiBaik Application allows users to immediately track every action taken to reduce carbon emissions by planting or adopting trees. BumiBaik works along with local partners to carry out this action in an effort to protect the environment. Also, BumiBaik expresses gratitude to its partners by providing incentive payments for tree maintenance and replanting. As a result, BumiBaik users continue to support efforts to protect forests and trees.


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