Cheat Codes Closed the ‘Hellraisers’ Trilogy With ‘Hellraisers Part 3’

An international electronic group Cheat Codes released their 3rd album, ‘Hellraisers PT 3’. The part 1 was released last May, consisting of some songs like ‘Lean On Me (feat. Tinashe)’, ‘Stay (feat. Bryce Vine)’, ‘Do It All Over (feat. Marc E. Bassy)’, and ‘Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell). 

‘Hellraisers’ was given by their deceased manager, Michael Theanne, that portrayed a life of playful, adventurous, and luxurious boys. This album contains 3 parts which each have different music and rhythm influenced by each members’ music taste.

‘Hellraisers Part 2’ is a hip-hop album from Kevi with popular hits like ‘Hurricane (feat. All American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter)’ and ‘No Service in the Hills (feat. Trippie Redd & Blackbear)’. Cheat Codes also worked together with Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, Charlotte Sands and Travis Barker. 

‘Payback (feat. Icona Pop)’ managed to receive chart-topping reviews in the beginning of 2022. ‘Hellraisers Part 3’ is meant to be a nightclub playlist and become the last part of Hellraisers Trilogy. 

“Our main goal with Cheat Codes is to bring people together through music, and the fact that we’re able to collaborate with such amazing artists in pop, hip hop, electronic, and rock is a vision we’ve had for a long time! Hope you enjoy these albums as much as we enjoyed making them!”


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