Ello Celebrates Wedding Anniversary with New Single “Janji Sumpah”

Bingkai Karya – Forget flowers and chocolates! Indonesian rockstar Ello, real name Marcello Tahitoe, took a unique approach to his second wedding anniversary. He whipped up a brand new single, “Janji Sumpah,” a heartfelt ballad dedicated to his beloved wife, Cindy Maria.

This love song isn’t just any sweet serenade, it’s a powerful vow. Ello pours his heart out, promising unending love, unshakeable loyalty, and fierce protection through thick and thin. It’s a testament to the strength and commitment that make their marriage rock.

Despite his hectic schedule as a judge on X Factor Indonesia, Ello carved out time to craft this personal masterpiece. Written by himself and produced by Yovie Widianto, “Janji Sumpah” delivers raw emotion with simple yet impactful lyrics and Ello’s signature blend of tenderness and power.

This isn’t just a gift for Cindy, it’s a gift for every listener. Ello hopes “Janji Sumpah” will resonate with anyone who believes in the transformative power of true love. So, crank up the volume and witness the magic of a rockstar’s vow unfold in song.

“Janji Sumpah” is out now on all streaming platforms, ready to melt hearts and inspire romance. Are you ready to fall in love with Ello’s love song?


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